open position: FarFish Project Coordinator at LDAC in Madrid, Spain

The Long Distance Advisory Council (LDAC) based in Madrid, Spain is looking for a full time scientific officer to be the scientific coordinator of FarFish Project ( and support LDAC activities (


More information:

Deadline for application: 12 February 2018


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2 fisheries officer positions at GFCM, Rome, Italy

Two positions as fisheries officer (one with focus on small scale fisheries) at General Fisheries Commission of Mediterranean Sea (GFCM) at FAO headquarter, Rome, Italy

Deadline for application: 14th February 2018

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Conference: International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET) 2018 in Seattle, USA

The International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET) and the conference organizers welcome all with an interest in the economics of fishery management, seafood trade, and aquaculture, to join us for the nineteenth international Biennial Conference of IIFET to be held on the campus of the University of Washington, in the “Emerald City”: Seattle, Washington, USA.

Check the website:

Deadline for abstract submission: 14th February 2018

Themes for IIFET 2018 include the following:

  • Economics of Aquaculture
  • Seafood Markets and Trade
  • Certification of Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Economics of Recreational Fisheries and Tourism
  • Fishery Governance, Policy and Management
  • Governance and Management of High Seas and Straddling Stock Fisheries
  • Rights-based Fishery Management and Co-management
  • Economic, Bioeconomic and Ecological-Economic Modeling
  • Ecosystem-based Management and Integrated Assessments
  • Marine Spatial Planning and Multiple Use Management
  • Spatial Management and Marine Protected Areas
  • Interdependency of Fishery Management and Seafood Markets
  • Understanding Small-scale and Developing Country Fisheries
  • Managing Small-scale and Developing Country Fisheries
  • Management Challenges of a Changing Environment.

In addition, we will have an exciting group of closed special sessions as well as the following Open Sessions to which abstracts can be submitted:

  • Game Theory and Fisheries Management
  • Modelling social-ecological systems: methods and tools for scenario development and prediction
  • Bringing Gender Discourse in Fisheries Economics and Trade. Gender economics research in fisheries and aquaculture: new challenges and opportunities
  • Economic and social impacts of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture
  • Economics of Protected Marine Species
  • Sustainable management of coastal fisheries and aquaculture with a holistic approach: identify knowledge gaps and concrete frameworks
  • Tools for Stock Assessment, Economic Fishery Analysis, and Risk Assessment for Sustainable Management Strategies of Data Poor Stocks in Mixed, Small Scale and Indigenous Fisheries
  • Northern fisheries: Adapting to a changing world
  • Next generation RFMO governance: Climate change, allocations, and privatization, oh my!
  • Different approaches and priorities for modeling fisher behavior
  • Barriers to fisheries markets and trade in the developing world
  • Special session in honor of the contributions of James Wilen to marine resource economics
  • Financing, Incentive Structures, & Sustainability
  • The economics of fisheries conflict.



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Aquatic Ecologist – Ecology and Biodiversity Management- Brisbane, Australia

Hydrobiology is an environmental consulting company with offices in Brisbane, Perth, Singapore and PNG offering integrated services in the physical, biological and chemical processes of aquatic systems. We have developed a reputation for providing high quality environmental services to domestic and overseas clients.

Hydrobiology is seeking to employ an Aquatic Ecologist in the Ecology and Biodiversity Management Team in the Brisbane office. The role demands a high level of scientific expertise in quantitative ecology in aquatic systems (primarily freshwater), preferably in a consultancy role.

Essential skills required for the position include:

  • Advanced quantitative design and analysis skills
  • Ability to produce high quality technical reports or publications that are clear and concise, yet pitched at a non-expert audience
  • Working knowledge of State (at least one of QLD, NSW, WA, NT) and Commonwealth environmental legislation, or a demonstrated ability to rapidly acquire this knowledge
  • Willingness to undertake field data collection, occasionally requiring extended (up to several weeks) travel to remote/regional areas
  • Flexibility to become involved in a broad range of projects that may require substantial learning ‘on the go’
  • Ability to work to deadlines and manage demands from multiple concurrent projects.

More information:

Deadline for application: 9th February 2018

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Project coordinator on Skate and Shark conservation in Belfast, UK

We are seeking an experienced marine biologist to coordinate the delivery of our new HLF-funded project – Sea Deep. This project aims to secure new protection for endangered skate and shark species in Northern Irish waters and to increase the level of understanding and participation among the wider public, by involving recreational angling groups, other sea users, schools and local communities in conservation-focused data collection.

More information:

Deadline for application: 19th February

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Fish Ecologist position – Cambridge (UK) and Antarctica

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) are looking for a Fish Ecologist to join our Ecosystems team and conduct research into the demersal fish of the Sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. The research is part of a BAS project that engages with a range of stakeholders including GSGSSI, FCO and CEFAS to support the ecosystem-based sustainable management of the fisheries of South Georgia (

The successful post holder will undertake analysis of long-term demersal fish and larval fish datasets with the aim of providing new information on the role of these organisms on the wider Southern Ocean ecosystem. We are looking for someone with strong analytical skills and the ability to communicate their research to a broad audience. Though based in Cambridge, the post-holder will also have the exciting opportunity to carry out ship-based research in South Georgia.


To conduct research into aspects of the biology and ecology of the demersal fish of the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. To provide new information on the role of fish in the wider Southern Ocean ecosystem to support the sustainable management of the region’s fisheries.


MSc in Marine Biology or equivalent.


– To undertake analysis of long-term demersal fish and larval fish datasets.
– Write scientific papers for peer review.
– Assist in the preparation of technical reports for stakeholders.
– Carry out key laboratory duties including otolith preparation.
– Participation on fisheries research surveys in the Southern Ocean.
– Carry out relevant field and/or laboratory-based research.
– Assist with any other duties within the accountabilities of the role as requested by the Director of BAS.

On-line application forms and further information are available on our website at


More information:

Deadline for application: 1st March, 2018

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Fisheries experts required for peer-review college at Marine Stwardship Council (MSC)

MSC Peer Review College invites new applications from fisheries experts

The MSC Peer Review College provides peer reviewers for MSC fishery assessments, independently of the Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) who manage each assessment.

The college is now inviting a second round of applications from experienced fisheries scientists and managers to act as occasional peer reviewers.

The college was approved by the MSC’s Board of Trustees in June 2017 to progress from its initial pilot stage. An overview of the College structure and other details are available on the MSC’s Program Improvements website.

Requirements and commitments

Candidates should have:

  • A university degree in fisheries, marine conservation biology, natural resources or environmental management or other relevant field; and/or at least 5 years management or research experience in marine conservation biology, natural resources or environmental management, relevant to fisheries research or management; and
  • Experience in at least one of the following competency areas: fish stock assessments, fish stock biology/ecology, fishing impacts on aquatic ecosystems, fishery management and operations (see the application form for further details).

Successful applicants will need to complete a series of online training modules. Assignments would be performed from the peer reviewer’s own location (not on site), normally for two days for each peer review, with more time allowed for fisheries with more than 2 target species or gear types. Up to 5 peer reviews per year could be assigned per reviewer.

Peer reviewers must act impartially and are required to notify the college of any potential conflicts of interest relating to any reviews they are offered (such as current or recent involvement in a fishery management agency to the extent that they could be reviewing the CAB’s interpretation of their own previous work).

More information:

Deadline for application: 31st March 2018

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