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8 Responses to Get connected

  1. Bibha Kumari says:

    I am Ph.D in Zoology and worked on Toxic effect of Arsenic on carbohydrate metabolism in fish. During Master course my special paper was Ichthyology. I am interested to join this group. Please add me .


  2. Paul Adelizi says:

    I am a research scientist working with Chinook salmon for the California Department of Fish and Game. Please add me to your group.

  3. Athanasio Mbonde says:

    I am a fisheries researcher working with Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute. My areas of interest include Limnology, Wetlands, and Marine biology. Please add me to your group

  4. Sangeetha Vijayan says:

    I am sangeetha vijayan..nw i doing my post graduation in MFSc in sea food safety and trade at cochin university of science and technology aftr my graduation in fisherires with zoology..iam intrested to join this group.and iam waiting..
    Sangeetha vijayan.

  5. Ibrahim abdul azeez says:

    I m Dr.Ibrahim Abdul azeez, Research specialist in acidification and fish physiology, i have interested to join in this group pl do the needful

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