“Which fish should I buy? Is it sustainable?” is the most common question fisheries scientists get asked. If you don´t have a fishery scientist close-by, you might consider other sources. Envirnmental NGOs, fishing industry bodies, national governments and eco-certification bodies have a put a lot of effort into answering this question.

Out of the many good efforts to identify sustainable fisheries has also come one not-so-good outcome: there are so many recommendations on which seafood is sustainable, that is can be difficult to know, whose guidelines to consult. Similar to asking a friendly fisheries scientist, you can trust an organization that you know and follow its guidelines. Or you can research on the internet different eco-certification schemes and compare them to the offer in your supermarket.

Or you can ask the Fish-O-Mat. The Fish-O-Mat is a question and answer tool on sustainable fisheries. It will present you six statements. You express if you agree or disagree with the statements. In the end, the Fish-O-Mat proposes several guidelines and eco-certification schemes of high reknown that match your statements. Have a look and enjoy!

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