Get connected

Three students of fisheries science, who met during an inspiring summer course in Iceland, kept in touch and shared regular discussions, interesting news and their enthusiasm for marine research. Out of this fruitful connection, the Fisheries Research Network (Finet) was born.

The core objective of the project is to get the people connected on a personal base by creating a network of young scientists. Finet is independent, free and open to anyone who shares the same passion for this field. Our hope is that users of Finet will not only stop by to read some news, but will also be interested in sharing their opinion, experiences, interesting news and useful information, and in general to be involved into the Network.

The Finet project can be divided into three objectives:

INFORMATION          A platform for sharing useful information, such as jobs/phds announcements, conferences and courses, etc.

NETWORK               The development of a network of people, to meet, exchange opinions, etc. (for example, through regular paper discussions), and

KNOWLEDGE            The promotion of occasions for production and distribution of knowledge such as workshops, seminars, and a forum.

On its webpage, Finet collects, concentrates, organises and shares information and provides a platform for lively communication and knowledge exchange between young fishery scientists. If you want to receive fresh news from Finet, you can follow our blog! Enter your email address in the front page of our blog and you will receive instant updates on our news.

If you would like to share your information (conferences, courses, job offers), ideas and questions, please contact us by writing a mail to:

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