2x PhD & 2x Postdocs for project on ecological, economic and social perspectives on recreational uses of freshwater

The Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), Germany, invites applications for PhDs and Postdocs within the project AquaTAG: “Recreation activities in inland waters: Dynamics, ecological impacts, social significance and sustainable management”.  AQUATAG is an innovative interdisciplinary project that aims bringing together social-ecological interrelations in the field of recreation ecology. The project considers interactions between recreational uses, condition and attractiveness of water bodies, ecological effects as well as conflicts of use and management objectives and will consider data of social media, surveys, ecological field surveys and modelling.

  • Postdoc 1 (80%): social-ecological conceptual model development and project coordinator. The post is designed to coordinate overall project activities and communication between involved scientific and praxis partners. Further the candidate will be involved in the aquiration, meta-analysis and interpretation of social media data as well as developing spatio-temporal conceptual models to develop/improve management approaches for water based recreational activities in Germany. Beyond this the preparation and publication of central project results in form of international reviewed papers, flyers, policy briefs, web-contents, tweets and blog entries has to be organized and conducted by the candidate.
  • Postdoc 2 (100%): social-ecological modelling. The ideal candidate has a strong mathematical and programming background and a solid understanding of social and/or ecological concepts, combining experience in spatial explicit approaches in environmental modelling (e.g. agent-based or gravity model approaches) with an interest in confronting social-ecological theory and models with experimental data. Research experience in participatory methods during modelling and scenario analysis and in the general ecology of aquatic ecosystems is particularly useful, although not a strict requirement. Expertise in developing empirical-conceptual model approaches would be advantageous.
  • PhD 1 (66%):  ecological impacts of leisure activities. The objective of the PhD project in the ecological impacts work package is to identify and analyse the ecological impacts of a variety of recreational activities in, on and along freshwaters. The focus is primarily on but not limited to non-motorized activities. Beside a meta-analytical exploration of the existing knowledge, the work package has a strong experimental and field work component aiming in spatially and temporally explicitly quantifying potential ecological impacts on fishes, birds and other aquatic and semiaquatic taxa.
  • PhD 2 (66%): spatio-temporal distributions of recreation activities. The objective of the PhD project is to derive dynamics and spatial pattern of recreational uses from various data sources, such as social media data, surveys and field observations. In this context site characteristics (e.g. weather, naturalness, water quality, reachability, social milieus) will be linked with the perception and preferences of users to identify usage-type specific distributions and frequencies at different scales across Germany.

Application deadline: 10. February 2019

Please see also: https://www.igb-berlin.de/stellenangebote

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