PhD position in Fisheries Ecology at University of Tromso, Norway

The Arctic University of Norway is currently advertising for a PhD position in Fisheries Ecology. The role is for a four year term, and will involve working in a project, the goals of which include to derive ecological, environmental and socio-economic rules with regard to the suitability of the exploitation of different size-spectra in various ecosystems and fisheries. For this purpose, the dynamics of size spectra profiles in different fishery systems will be analysed. The project will also require the candidate to investigate the economic impact of exploitation according to a size spectral concept, and finally evaluate the institutional changes required in face of a new management regime.

A MSc degree or equivalent in ecological dynamics, resource economics or fishery management and good knowledge of quantitative methodology are required. Research experience or relevant work experience after dissertation, particularly in an inter-disciplinary environment, is an asset. The applicant needs to demonstrate previous experience of quantitative methodology. The candidate must present a short essay (max 5 pp, excluding references) about the utilization of different methodology in the analysis and resolution of ecological and socio-economic issues in aquatic systems or in the exploitation of living resources. The topics can cover inter alia statistical techniques and meta-analysis, quantitative modelling, bio-economic analysis and qualitative methods. A general view of the potential and limitations of the different techniques is intented.

Applicants must have a good command of English, both written and verbal.

Deadline for application: 4th December 2017

More information:

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