International summer school with own research project: Fish and fish culture

The University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, organizes a four-week Summer School within which you are involved in a small research project, working in very well-equipped laboratories under the guidance of experienced researchers of the FFPW USB.

WHEN: 26. 6. 2017 – 21. 7. 2017

WHERE: South Bohemia, Czech Republic


The work in laboratories is supplemented by many excursions to fish farms and visits to other interesting places, such as the city of Český Krumlov, Fisheries Třeboň Hld. Inc., the city of Třeboň¡, Nové Hrady Fishery and many other interesting places in the Czech Republic.

The topics of this year’s projects are:

  • Nitrite Toxicity for whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus)
  • Freezing rate changes during cryopreservation of different volumes of fish sperm
  • Detection of (anti-)progestagenic activities in Czech surface waters
  • A novel technique in Nuclear transplantation in zebrafish, methods and evaluation
  • Content of Hg in muscle of fish living in recipient of sewage treatment plant effluent
  • Oxidative Stress and Fish Egg Quality
  • Shelter competition in two non-indigenous benthic fish species
  • Selective breeding in common carp: Statistical processing of quantitative data
  • Using different fractionalization factors for crayfish and their application for trophic webs modeling
  • Determination of selected pharmaceuticals and their metabolites in the aquatic plants Ceratophyllum and Potamogeton natans from the pond affected with treated wastewater
  • Using the EROD assay to determine the AhR mediated dioxin-like activity of environmental samples
  • Changing of zebrafish’ embryos size with transplantation technique
  • The effects of xenobiotics on fish tissues
  • Fish stock estimation in shallow water by scientific echosounders

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