UK Marine Biological Association Postgraduate Conference

The 14th Annual Marine Biological Association (MBA) Postgraduate Conference will be hosted by the University of Exeter’s Penryn campus in Cornwall, from 24 -28th April 2017.

The MBA is a highly respected society that is recognised for its excellence in marine research. It was established in 1884, incorporated by royal charter in 2013, and its aims are to promote scientific research into all aspects of marine life and the marine environment and the sharing of this knowledge with the public.

In line with the aims of the MBA, the conference promotes research on all aspects of marine life and environment. It is run by postgraduates, for postgraduates, including Masters and PhD students, and provides opportunities to:

  • Network with peers in the marine science community, opening doors for future collaborations
  • Present in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Join the MBA, a learned and respected society
  • Partake in nightly social events!

Early bird rate registration deadline: 31st January 2017

Deadline for submitting an abstract for an oral or poster presentation: 1st March 2017

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