AQUAGAMETE training school: “Molecular Basis of gamete quality and reproduction”

During the past six years, three international workshops on fish gametes demonstrated a rapid development of methodologies that encompass extensive opportunities for promising use in basic reproductive biology, genetic research, biotechnology and aquaculture practice. It is the aim of AQUAGAMETE to reach a consensus on protocols and guidelines (using internationally defined terminology, units of measurement and format of reporting) that permit the use of results in relational databanks for sound and common application in aquaculture research and commerce.

The 6th AQUAGAMETE training school will be focused on the Molecular Basis of gamete quality and reproduction, with a strong orientation towards GENOMIC TOOLS. It will be held in Rennes, France, at the Fish Physiology and Genomics Department of INRA.

Deadline for application is May 2nd 2016, eligible candidates will be announced by May 6th.

The course will include conferences (2h each) on:

  • Sperm genetic damage and repair in Fish (Paz Herraez, Spain)
  • Overview of sequencing technologies and strategies available to analyze fish reproduction (Yann Guiguen, France)
  • Epigenetics and inheritance (Francesc Piferrer, Spain)
  • Transgenesis approaches in fish reproduction (Violette Thermes, France)
  • CrispR/Cas9 technology for research on fish reproduction (Amaury Herpin, France)
  • microRNA and female fecundity (Amine Bouchareb, France)

The practical sessions will be coordinated by the Fish Physiology and Genomics staff. It will consist in experiment on:

  • RNA extraction and quality checking (3h30)
  • Microarray analysis of fish samples in reproduction research (10h)
  • Sequence searching including tools presentation, primer design, phylogeny/syntheny search (5 h)

Financial support from the AQUAGAMETE COST action for travelling, accommodation and meals will be available for students. Complete applications must be sent via e-mail to

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