Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Marine Ecology at University of Agder, Norway

Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Marine Ecology

The University of Agder (UiA) invites applications for a full-time fixed-term appointment as Post-doctoral Research Fellow in marine ecology at the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Natural Sciences, for a period of two years. The position is mainly located at Campus Grimstad/Kristiansand. However, the appointee will be required to stay and work at the Norwegian Institute of Water Research(NIVA) and at CEES, University of Oslo (UiO). The starting date is negotiable with the department.

The marine group at the Department of Natural Sciences comprises around 20 people including professors, adjunct professors, researchers, Post-docs and PhD fellows. The Post-doc will also benefit from the recently established Center for Coastal Research (CCR) in cooperation with University of Oslo (CEES), Institute of Marine Research (IMR), GRID-Arendal, and NIVA.

The Post-doctoral position is an important part of the project “SkagCore – A century of change: ecological responses to pollution, climate, and other stressors on the Skagerrak coast”, a collaboration between UiA, NIVA, UiO and the IMR, as well as international collaborators.

The PI of this project is Professor Nils Chr. Stenseth.

The aim of the project is to analyse long (up to 100 years) time series on biodiversity together with data on past environmental conditions (contaminants, eutrophication) obtained from sediment cores and monitoring. The Research Fellow will undertake statistical analyses in order to model how the biological community (foraminifera, hard-bottom benthic flora and fauna, and fish) has responded to past environmental changes (such as contaminant concentrations, and temperature). Also, it is planned to model how cod populations respond to a changing environment using state-space methodology (e.g., JAGS).


The post provides an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated researcher which will cooperate with research groups from different fields (marine biology, population ecology, environmental toxicology and geoscience). The Post-doctoral Fellow is expected to take part in the research group and contribute to an active research environment that will give opportunities for personal and professional development. The appointee must have the ability to work in a goal-oriented, organised, focused, and independent manner. During the assessment process emphasis will be placed on the PhD work, examination results as well as any other previous research and development work. Relevant practical experience, personal suitability and good teamwork skills will also be emphasised.


The successful candidate will hold a PhD or be able to document a confirmed data for the dissertation defence.

The successful candidate may hold a PhD in ecology or marine biology, alternatively a PhD in Statistics, or another field where statistical proficiency is needed. In any case, the candidate needs strong expertise in statistics, and a strong interest in population ecology and marine biology. The candidate should preferably be proficient with the statistical programming environment R.


Read more here!

deadline for application: 14th March 2016


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