Senior Research Associate in isotope geochemistry

Lancaster University, UK, is recruiting a Senior Research Associate in isotope geochemistry for the ‘Hydroscape’ project. Hydroscape focusses on understanding how changes in connectivity between aquatic ecosystems and their surrounding landscape govern the status of ecosystems. In particular, Hydroscape will examine how connectivity influences the balance between access to resources and exposure to stress within aquatic ecosystems.

Working within the Lancaster Environment Centre, you will develop and apply stable isotope tools to better understand the sources and cycling of the macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon within lakes and rivers across the UK. Your research will include highly-specialised analyses of the stable oxygen isotope composition of phosphate, alongside the stable isotope composition of diatom frustules. You will contribute to the design of field sampling campaigns, undertake fieldwork and subsequent laboratory analysis, and lead publications and presentations resulting from the research. This project offers an exciting opportunity to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team on globally-significant challenges surrounding freshwater ecosystems.

It is expected that you will have a first degree and MSc/PhD in the broad area of environmental science, geochemistry, or a closely related discipline. You must possess a thorough understanding of macronutrient cycles within the environment, alongside experience of field and laboratory work related to hydrochemistry/geochemistry of environmental samples.

Application deadline: 8th of March 2016

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