Research scientist in applied statistics position at Marine Research Institute in Bergen, Norway

The Institute of Marine Research is one of Europe’s largest centres of marine research. We have a staff of around 750 and a wide range of research facilities and laboratories of high international standard. The Institute owns and operates six research vessels. Our main offices are in Bergen, and we have a department in Tromsø and research stations in Matre, Austevoll and Flødevigen.

Research Scientist – applied statistics (Mrk. 11-16)

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Norway has an opening for two permanent positions as research scientists (at assistant professor, associate professor, or full professor level depending on qualifications) in the cross-disciplinary research group on Fishery Dynamics. Work place will be in Bergen at employment time.

The principal areas of research will include statistical analysis of fisheries and ecological data, statistical survey sampling methods, including survey design and estimation methods, and the development of mathematical/statistical tools for stock assessment and the quantification of uncertainty. The successful candidates will work in multidisciplinary projects that require the use of a variety of statistical and mathematical methods to study the distribution, abundance and dynamics of exploited fish species, and quantify catch composition and impact of fishing on marine ecosystems. The group works within an informal, interactive research atmosphere that provides opportunity for individual growth and advancement. Extensive research collaboration with national and international institutions is expected and encouraged.

Candidates must have a PhD or equivalent degree in statistics, applied mathematics, quantitative fisheries ecology or a related field. Documented ability in statistical analysis of complex survey data using R in the fields of fisheries science or ecology is required. Experience in ecological predictive modeling and in the use of mathematical modeling and computational simulation techniques to study biological systems are desirable. Experience with statistical assessment modeling in fisheries, analysis and modeling of cluster-correlated data from complex sampling surveys, and programming experience in AD Model Builder/Template Model Builder in R will be valued. For one of the positions, experience with hierarchical modeling, Bayesian modeling, and the use of nonlinear state-space models for analyzing ecological systems is desirable.

Good oral and written communication skills in English are required. A working knowledge of the Norwegian language will be advantageous, but language training will be offered. The ability to work on multiple projects in a multi-disciplinary team setting is necessary, and a strong publication record is desirable. Participation in research cruises must be expected.


For more information, please contact the Head of the Fishery Dynamics Research Group, Jon Helge Vølstad, e-mail:, phone: +47 469 29 039, or Senior Research Scientist Sam Subbey, e-mail:, phone: +47 468 36 823. You can also visit our web site at

To apply and for more information, follow this link:


Application deadline: April 17th 2016





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