Conference: Sharing Ocean Resources – Now and in the future

Joint conference of the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society and the Australian Marine Sciences Association from the 4th to the 7th of July 2016 in Wellington.

Calling marine ecologists, academics, marine scientists, fisheries scientists, modellers, ocean scientists, geologists, marine science students, marine resource managers and policy makers.

Worldwide, interest in the commercial use of a broadening range of ocean resources is increasing. So too is public awareness and appreciation of the need for careful management, sustainable practices, adequate conservation and protection of wildlife in the sea. Further, indigenous values and rights in the marine environment are progressively being articulated and respected. Living resource industries have moved beyond wild fish extraction to aquaculture and biotechnology; mineral and hydrocarbon extraction interests in the ocean have been expanding and sustainable practices are becoming more stringent; tourism ventures in the marine environment are increasing; and public expectation for sustainability and sustainable practices have become the norm, while access to clean beaches with recreational resources that are abundant and safe to eat is seen by many as a right. Marine transportation and shipping has also increased substantially around the world and there are biosecurity risks associated with this.

There is a worldwide call by marine ecologists and conservation groups for more holistic management approaches, improved marine spatial planning and the consideration of multiple use effects. This has led to a plethora of studies on the impact of various activities on the marine environment, ecosystem modelling and predictive studies, but is the science community stepping up and delivering tools that can be used by resource managers and decision-makers? Is there sufficient interaction across disciplines, for example, among marine ecologists, fisheries scientists, social scientists, oceanographers and geologists?

In both Australia and New Zealand, a complex pattern of expectations and beliefs held by different sectors, alongside an incomplete picture of environmental change, has to be considered by decision makers in determining and adjusting the level of commercial use of the marine environment to one that is socially and environmentally sustainable. Fisheries is undergoing a major review in New Zealand, and a significant National Science Challenge “Sustainable Seas” has begun. Marine resources and their sustainable development are also identified in New Zealand’s Business Growth Agenda topic 4: “Building Natural Resources”. In Australia, a new National Marine Science Plan has just been released with several research themes identified. At this conference we challenge delegates to demonstrate how well the marine science community is responding to the new inter- and trans-disciplinary challenges in our two countries, and explore the direction that we need to take over the coming 20-30 years to assist decision makers in the daunting task of Sharing Ocean Resources in a changing world.

Deadline Call for Abstract: 7th of April 2016

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