PhD Impact of climate variability on the feeding relationships of Atlantic cod

At the Institute of Sea Fisheries of the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute – Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries, research area “Marine Living Resources”, the position of a Scientist with an academic education in Fisheries Biology or Biological Oceanography/Marine Biological Science is to be filled as soon as possible for the duration of 3 years on a half-time basis (currently 19,5 hours per week) within the project “Changes in fish distribution and species composition as a result of climatic changes in the East Greenland Ecosystem: implications for fisheries and management” (CLIMA). The main aim of this position is to investigate the impact of climate variability on the feeding relationships of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in the East Greenland Ecosystem and to model the spatial-temporal aspects, using historical data and new analyses.

The job offer is primarily directed to applicants who wish to conduct a Ph.D. in collaboration with the University of Hamburg. The fixed-term employment is according to §2 (1) of the German Temporary Science Employment Law (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz).

Detailed tasks:

  • In-depth literature research relevant for the working area
  • Participation in research surveys at sea for several weeks
  • Sampling (inter alia stomachs) and analysis of research catches
  • Processing of fish samples (inter alia stomach analysis) in the laboratory
  • Stable isotope analyses
  • Data analysis, statistical data treatment, habitat modelling
  • Collaboration with other project partners and contribution to other workpackages of the CLIMA project
  • Publication of the research results in scientific journals and project reports
  • Preparation of / Participation in project meetings

Employment qualifications:

  • University degree (M.Sc. level) in Biology, Fisheries Biology, Biological Oceanography, Marine Biological Science or a related discipline
  • Experience in handling large biological and/or fisheries-related data sets
  • Very good knowledge of statistical packages (e.g. R, SAS)
  • Experience in the analysis of research catches
  • Experience in long research cruises and sea-going work
  • Independent and responsible work
  • Strong cooperation and communication skills
  • Very good written and spoken English and preferably also German

Application deadline: 29th of February 2016

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