Vacancy for a Professional Officer at ICES

ICES is an intergovernmental organization that develops science and advice to support the sustainable use of the oceans. Our network includes more than 4000 scientists from over 350 marine institutes in 20 member countries and beyond.

The Professional Officer will assist with the strengthening of the technical and scientific input to ICES work to provide scientific advice, including the development of new products and deliverables.

The Professional Officer shall possess competences and strong analytical skills related to quantitative fish stocks assessment methods. Furthermore, the Professional Officer shall have an understanding of underlying data needs, the integration of ecosystem and environmental drivers, and the translation of science to scientific advice. This is to support the implementation of goals set out in the ICES Strategic Plan, 2014–2018.

In addition to the immediate ICES community, the selected candidate will also work together with a wide network of international scientists, industry representatives, and political officials, playing a valuable role in developing scientific advice for fisheries and management policies.

Main responsibilities

  • Assist the fish stock assessment methods and work in the Secretariat across the Secretariat (Advice, Data, and Science departments)
  • Support the ICES advisory work in respect of fisheries management​
  • Support the development of fisheries management integrated advice in respect of integrated, fisheries and marine environmental policies, specifically through integrated benchmarks

Qualifications and experience

The position will be filled by a scientist with extensive work experience in quantitative fish stock assessment, with strong fisheries background, or related environmental sciences, and the following qualifications:

  • A degree from a recognized university in a marine related science discipline or mathematics/statistics or similar qualifications
  • At least five years’ professional experience from relevant research and/or an international organization relevant to the marine science
  • Experience in scientific analysis of fisheries data and quantitative fish stock assessment methods
  • Knowledge of the main international fisheries and ecosystem related policies
  • Good computer literacy and programming skills
  • Ability to work in a team, and with people from diverse national and cultural backgrounds


Deadline for application: 4th January 2016

More information:



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