No living without the ocean: FINET contributed a session to the YouMaRes 6 Conference in Bremen!

IMG_0174On September 17 2015, FINET hosted a session at the

YouMaRes (Young Marine Researchers) 6 Conference
“A journey into the blue – Ocean Research and Innovation”
16th to 18th September, Bremen

 The FINET Session was entitled:

“No living without the ocean: Social-ecological systems in the marine realm”

Abstract of the session: Marine coastal ecosystems play a vital role for the livelihood and wellbeing of more than one billion people all over the world. However, multiple drivers such as overfishing, pollution, coastal development and climate change threaten the functionality of coastal ecosystems and reduce ecosystem services (fishing, aquaculture, tourism, protection against erosion). To protect marine ecosystems, solutions are needed that are both ecologically and socially sustainable. This session invites young researchers to share their work illuminating the social-ecological linkages in coastal areas and the dependence of humanity on coastal marine resources and ecosystems.

The session brought together very different talks of young researchers from different parts of the world approaching the analysis of marine social-ecological systems from various angles:

  • Vivar: Epibenthic community changes by effects of Scallop (A. purpuratus) cultivation in Sechura Bay, Peru
  • Koenigstein: Participatory modeling of climate change impacts on marine ecosystem services
  • León: Experimental analysis of coordination of fishing effort to reduce dissipation of economic rent in stock enhancement
  • Reuter: Criminalization of Fisher Folk at Lake Victoria Uganda

For more information on the conference, please visit:

Or take a look at the conference proceedings:


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