Volunteer: Marine Program Coordinator – Samoa

Australian Volunteers for International DEvelopment (AVID) are looking for a Marine Program Coordinator with Conservation International (CI) in the Pacfic. Based with the regional CI Pacific Islands program, you will be working with staff to boost community education programs. The position is limited to 1 year.

CI engages partners in over 40 countries to preserve species-rich, threatened ecosystems in the biodiversity hotspots, high-biodiversity wilderness areas and key marine environments. Within Samoa, CI works closely with government ministries on both Marine and Terrestrial Issues. Current marine work includes: increasing public awareness and understanding of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and fisheries regulations, including facilitating the development and support of community awareness programs; and facilitating the collaboration and development of a streamlined monitoring and evaluation program for MPAs within Samoa.

With staff, you will design and conduct field surveys in existing Marine Managed Areas (MMAs), disseminating collected data and using it to design a community education program on reef degradation. You will also develop training to support staff with field surveys, marine monitoring techniques and data analysis and storage. Additionally you will guide staff to deliver measured behavioural change and effective community education programs.

Appliaction deadline: 21st October 2015

Please see also: http://www.volunteering.scopeglobal.com/assignments/EC0415WS31

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