12 PhD Positions in Marine Biology, Ecology, Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Hydrology and Engineering (TRANSCOAST)

The University of Rostock and the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research ( IOW ), Germany, are looking for 12 highly motivated candidates for a newly set up
Research Training Group “Baltic TRANSCOAST”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The Research Training Group “Baltic TRANSCOAST investigates the hydrological, biogeochemical and biological processes of the interface between coastal marsh and Baltic Sea near Rostock. All positions begin on 1 January 2016th.

The PhD topics are:

  • Marine and terrestrial influence on submarine groundwater discharge in coastal waters connected to a peatland
  • Non-equilibrium of water flow and solute transport in a coastal fen peat
  • Downscaling (process oriented localization) of larger scale simulations of sea water currents to assess interactions between sea and ground water bodies
  • Waves and turbulence on wavy coastal seabeds inducing vertical scalar transport
  • The influence of terrestrial input on fluxes from and element (C-N-S-P, metals) transformations in shallow water sands of the Baltic Sea coast
  • Climate relevant trace gases in shallow waters impacted by terrestrial nutrient input from a coastal fen
  • Plant and microbial drivers of methane exchange and their relationship in a coastal peatland
  • Influence of salinity dynamics on the release, chemical structure and biological transformations of dissolved organic matter in coastal peatlands
  • Impact of nutrient emissions from land on the species composition and productivity of communities of macrophytes in shallow waters.
  • Microbial life and the phosphorus cycle along the terrestrial to marine gradient
  • Microphytobenthic primary production in biofilms along terrestrial-marine gradients
  • Factors controlling transport and matter cycling at the sediment-water-interface

Application deadline: 7th Septermber 2015

Please see also: http://www.baltic-transcoast.uni-rostock.de/en/opportunities/

And: http://www.io-warnemuende.de/tl_files/news/stellenausschreibungen/2015/de_Baltic_TRANSCOAST-PhD_20150723.pdf


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