PhD: Fish Transgenerational adaptative Strategies to ocean acidification and warming

The University of Hamburg, Germany, invites applications for a Research Associate for the project “FITNESS: Fish Transgenerational adaptative Strategies to ocean acidification and warming”. The position commences on October 1st 2015.

FITNESS is a joined project between German and French research institutes and universities, with partners at the AWI, the University of Hamburg, the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO) and the Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer (Ifremer) on its campus in Plouzané. Our goal is to carry out the first multi-generation experiment on the effect of ocean acidification and warming in an economically important temperate fish species. We will specifically look into transgenerational effects in the adaptation and acclimation of sea bass in a changing ocean, using an integrative ecophysiological approach that applies methodology from molecular over biochemical to whole animal physiology.We seek a candidate for the work package on the effects of ocean acidification and warming on the physiology of embryos and larvae of the different generations of sea bass. Amongst others, the work will include:

  • Experiments on survival, development and growth of embryos, yolk sac larvae and exogenously feeding larvae including both biochemical- (RNA-DNA, enzymatic) and organismal-level changes.
  • Measurements of foraging behavior and efficiency of exogenously feeding life stages,
  • Measurements of metabolic rate at different levels of activity conducting using microrespirometry and enzyme assays.
  • Active involvement in the long-term rearing of the experimental fish populations in the flowthrough seawater systems at the Ifremer campus over the course of the project.

The successful candidate will be based at the University of Hamburg. Nevertheless, the candidate should be prepared to spend a substantial part of the contract time with the French project partners at the experimental site on the IFREMER campus in Plouzané in Brittany, France.


  • A university degree in a relevant subject.
  • Previous experience in the cultivation of marine organisms
  • Basic knowledge of the design of controlled laboratory experiments as well as the statistical techniques used in data analysis
  • Ability to work independently, take responsibility and work within a multi-cultural team
  • Good command of the English language is required; communication abilities in French are highly advantageous.

Application deadline: 4th of September

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