Marine Ecological Researcher / Project Officer

As part of the UK-wide Heritage-Lottery-funded ‘Capturing our Coast’ (CoCoast) project, the Scottish Association for Marine Science, is recruiting a postdoctoral researcher / project officer to contribute to a national programme that uniquely aims to engage the public in marine ecological research in the rocky intertidal. The project will focus on understanding impacts of climate change and other anthropogenic threats to intertidal community structure and biodiversity, by establishing and engaging a network of citizen scientists in the collection of data to support this aim. A major part of the role will be therefore to oversee the recruitment and support of the volunteers in Scotland. There will be strong integration with the other Project Officers at the different partner hubs, including joint development of methods for consistent recording and implementation of field protocols and materials for volunteer training and support.

The job requires a doctoral qualification in marine ecology, but also a willingness to engage with large numbers of people from varied backgrounds and different ages, to inspire enthusiasm in potential volunteers, and to take groups of novice field workers into sometimes challenging environments.

Closing date for Applications: 8th August 2015

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