Call for abstracts: Multispecies and ecosystem models for fisheries management and marine conservation

Registry for Youmares, the conference for young marine researchers, is now open! Several exciting fisheries related sessions are accepting abstracts until the 15th of June. Youmares is taking place in Bremen, Germany, from the 16th to the 18th of September 2015.

Send NOW your abstract for the session on Multispecies and ecosystem models for fisheries management and marine conservation.

For more than a century, fisheries advice and management has been primarily to exclusively based on single species stock assessments. But more and more, not least since the advent of the ecosystem approach to fisheries, has the insight grown that a) however carefully fishermen agitate, they barely fish one species alone, that b) species targeted by the fisheries eat other target and non-target species or are eaten by them, and that c) fishing has direct and indirect effects on the marine environment – and vice versa. Tools to identify potential trade-offs between policy goals and to help minimize the probability of unexpected and undesired outcomes are multispecies models and ecosystem models. While the first one has a focus on commercial species and some key predators (e.g. the stochastic multispecies model SMS) the latter one embeds the interactions between target species and fisheries in a representation of the whole ecosystem (e.g. Ecopath with Ecosim and ATLANTIS). In this YOUMARES session, we invite you to present

# examples of the application of multispecies or ecosystem models to issues in fisheries management or marine conservation

# ideas on how to make model outputs relevant and useful for managers and public debate

# assessments of what it takes to make ecosystem and multispecies models trustworthy, i.e. quality control and knowledge and quantification of uncertainties

# criticism and warnings about the use of multispecies and ecosystem models for fisheries management and conservation.

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