11 Ocean Science PhD Positions

The Transatlantic Ocean System Science and Technology (TOSST) research school links two major centres of ocean research on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, in Maritime Canada and northern Germany. The transatlantic school trains highly-qualified personnel that can address, with advance science and technology tools, the responsible use and management of the future ocean. 11 Ocean Science PhD Positions are now available. Several reserach themes are suggested (http://www.tosst.org/research/projects/) buy candidates are encouraged to propose their own ideas:

  • Fisheries – Western and Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Fish- WIKS
  • Control of open ocean CO2 uptake by shelf-generated alkalinity
  • Stable isotope measurements on CO2 and N2O from Volunteer Observing Ships
  • Population connectivity in deep-sea ecosystems
  • Effects of atmospheric nutrient delivery on marine productivity at the ocean’s surface
  • Development of an automated sea-going sampler for genetic analysis of microbial communities
  • Sedimentary records of past ocean and climate change in the N. Atlantic
  • Methane hydrate melting mechanics and gas generation
  • Interdependencies of observed changes in predator and plankton abundance
  • Development of State-of-the-Art Ocean Observation Systems
  • Remote imaging of sediment and crustal structures

Please see also: http://www.tosst.org/about/program-details/

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