Marine ecologist position at Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Athens, Greece

The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) which is based in Anavyssos (Attica, Greece), is looking for a qualified biologist to work under a contract in the research Project “Monitoring of ecological quality river water, coastal and transitional waters of Greece,for the application of Article 8 of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC).

The contract will end by the 31.12.2015, accordancing with the provisions of Article 2 par.23 of N.2621 / 98 and the decision of the Board/HCMR. 212th Session / 06.04.2015.

Compensation: 16.250 € (plus VAT)

To submit your application, please click on the “Apply through website” button.

Please print the application form and send with your curriculum vitae, photocopy of identity card or passport and the necessary supporting documents (diplomas, experience certificates) to the HCMR, or postal at P.O. Box.712, 46.7 km Athens-Sounio Avenue, Anavyssos, Attica, Greece, GR-190 13.

The process of evaluation/scoring will be made for candidates according to the following qualifications/criteria :

Basic Degree Degree grade (0-10) multiplied by 25
PhD 200 (if relevant)
MSc 160 (if relevant)

Language knowledge of EU countries 80 (excellent)
50 (very good)
30 (good)

Language knowledge of other countries (not the EU) 50 (excellent)
30 (very good)

Related seniority 10 points for every year of proven experience

Specific qualifications (scientific articles, presentations in conferences, meetings, committees or working groups) Up to 80

Interview Up to 200

Experience / knowledge relevant to the subject of this invitation Up to 200 


Criteria of selection for candidates Required qualifications:

  • Biologist
  • Working experience in studies or research projects involving work on benthic diatoms.
  • Knowledge on handling sampling tools and sample analysis.
  • Experience in field sampling and estimation methods of the ecological quality of water systems (application of biological indicators), using OMNIDIA software and systematic recognition ability diatomaceous inland.
  • Very good command of English

Reference number: 20043/1181

Apply through website

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