Aquaculture conference 2015: Cutting Edge Science in Aquaculture

Aquaculture 2013, which was held in Las Palmas during 3-7 November 2013, was a great success with over 400 participants attending and experiencing the innovative and original oral and poster presentations.

Aquaculture 2015 will follow on from this success, using the motto Cutting Edge Science in Aquaculture. It will highlight the top scientific approaches being used to advance the global aquaculture industry. The conference is a must if you and your research group are at the cutting edge of aquaculture science, especially if your research is advancing aquaculture diseases, feeds, genetics, ecological interactions, and sustainable systems.

The main research themes at Aquaculture 2015 will be:

  • Research innovations on aquaculture’s interactions with the environment
  • Modern methods for disease detection and control
  • Applications for physiology and experimental biology to improve the sustainability of aquaculture
  • New targets and tools for selective breeding of aquaculture species
  • Nutritional advances using molecular techniques
  • The governance of aquaculture value chains

When: 23rd-26th August 2015

Where: Montpellier, France

Abstract deadline: 27th March 2015

More info:

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