Report of the second Finet Workshop

workshop logoThe second workshop organised by Finet took place as a side event of the 5th Youmares conference in Stralsund, 10th September 2014, in the Ozeaneum aquarium.

The workshop focused on the application of game theory and behavioural economics for investigating problems of common pool resources. Fisheries are a typical case of bargaining for common pool resources and behavioural economics holds great potential to explain real-world phenomena and improve fisheries management.


Twelve students, PhD-students, and NGO-associates coming from Germany, France and Belgium participated in the workshop. Most of the participants also used the opportunity to participate in the subsequent Youmares conference. Together with the Finet Team and experts from Bremen’s Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT), a total of seventeen marine and fisheries pic blog_3enthusiasts worked together in an interactive way. Each participant presented an assigned paper with a concept or experiment from game theory; then, the audience discussed through the guidance of the ZMT experts the implication for the case of fisheries. For a group of biologists and ecologists, it was not always easy to get the head around the concepts from behavioural economics, but we all gained a new perspective on fisheries exploitation!

In the afternoon session, we used a dynamic tool, EcoOceapic blog_2n, to provide an example of how common pool resources can be overharvested, an example of the “tragedy of the commons”. This tool was kindly provided by the EcoOcean team (based at University of Kiel). EcoOcean is available online and a great opportunity to get an idea about strategic behaviour in fisheries if you missed the Finet workshop.

Participants went home with an increased understanding of the application and theory of game theory and behavioural economics for fisheries and natural resources. Most importantly, we had a fun day with engaged and enthusiastic participants, and created connection on a personal level with many fellow young researchers!

pic blog_1

Thanks to all the participants, ZMT experts, Youmares and EcoOcean team to have made of this workshop a great and successful event!



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