Senior Director, Mexico Oceans Program

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Overall Function

The Senior Director, Mexico Oceans Program, will lead the development and implementation of program strategy, working with pivotal government decision makers, fishing industry and NGO partners in Mexico to design sustainable fishery management programs and policies.

The Senior Director will be the Oceans Program’s principal representative in Mexico, coordinating and developing EDF’s resources on fishery management design, implementation, and public policy nationwide. The Senior Director will be a senior leader in the Oceans program and will liaise regularly with and contribute to EDF’s global Oceans initiatives. S/he will be based in Mexico City.

Key Responsibilities

  • Serve as the Oceans program’s primary representative in Mexico, acting as a resource for Mexican policy makers and fishery managers.
  • Lead the Mexico Oceans team, including staff and consultants, and set the team’s goals and objectives. Provide timely and thorough communications to the Oceans management team on all significant program developments.
  • Lead EDF’s Mexico team in analyzing complex fishery challenges and developing strategies to eliminate overfishing, rebuild depleted fisheries and strengthen coastal communities through the adoption of rights based management or other effective accountability measures.
  • Work collaboratively with EDF’s Oceans team to identify projects and issues key to the work in Mexico, finding ways to integrate their findings, thinking and projects into our work.
  • Forge alliances among disparate interest groups and coordinate between citizen and environmental interests. Help build regional and national coalitions, and promote partnerships with leading fishermen, fishermen’s associations, and local community leaders. Build relationships and advocate for EDF priorities with appropriate Mexican governing bodies including the Mexican Senate and Chamber of Deputies, SAGARPA, INAPESCA, CONAPESCA and other relevant entities.
  • Engage scientists, policy experts, and others to solve complex fishery management problems; represent the Oceans program in Latin American forums and other leadership efforts.
  • Engage the media to effectively advance project objectives and communicate project results to a broad array of audiences.
  • Work with EDF Development team to identify potential funding sources and secure grants and other funding to help maintain and expand the program’s funding base.
  • Help to prepare and supervise the annual budget for the Mexican program.
  • In coordination with the Oceans Program management team, provide leadership and strategic direction for the Mexican program to ensure the efficient use of resources and achievement of group and individual goals.
  • Support the work of the Oceans cross-functional teams by working collaboratively with them to identify projects and issues key to the work in Mexico, finding ways to integrate their findings, thinking and projects into Mexican work, and assigning Mexican project staff to serve as members of functional teams.
  • Liaise with EDF Board of Directors as needed.


  • Knowledge of Mexican oceans and natural resource conservation laws and regulations
  • Minimum 10 years of natural resource policy, legal, or management experience, with a significant amount of time spent working with relevant Mexican governmental agencies, industries, and NGOs on natural resource or fisheries management.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage a growing program and staff.
  • Demonstrated expertise on the biological, economic, and management issues related to Mexican fisheries, especially commercial and recreational fisheries, or an analogous natural resource management issue.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with nonprofit colleagues and partners, scientists, economists, industry leaders, regulators and public policy decision makers.
  • Ability to use science, law, economics and advocacy to initiate and win positive environmental change.
  • Experience achieving results in environmental policy and politics.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s Degree required. Law degree or a Masters or Ph.D. in marine biology, natural resource economics, or related discipline, highly preferred.
  • Fluency in English and Spanish.

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