Assistant Leader, Fisheries, New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife

Research Unit, Cornell University
We seek an Assistant Unit Leader with strong quantitative skills who performs research on issues related to the dynamics of aquatic ecosystems with implications for fisheries management. The areas of research can include fisheries science and management, large aquatic system dynamics (such as Great Lakes), aquatic food web ecology and dynamics, aquatic habitat and native species restoration, and/or stream/riverine ecology and management. Research that focuses on the spatial and temporal response of aquatic populations, communities and/or ecosystems to environmental stressors (e.g., climate change, intense storm events, invasive species, hydrologic alterations, contaminants) is of particular interest, but not a requirement. The successful candidate will be able to help respond to conservation and resource-use issues by providing ideas, methods, and mechanisms for applying science-based information to important management concerns; engaging stakeholders to help inform fisheries management and policy decisions through structured decision making and or adaptive management is of interest.
The successful candidate will be expected to advise and train graduate students, teach one graduate course per year, and be an active contributor to the graduate concentration in Fisheries and Aquatic Science. Besides training the next generation of fisheries researchers, the individual will share leadership with other faculty in the Department of Natural Resources in organizing seminars and discussion groups, reach out to faculty across different disciplines, and become an active team player and program builder. As part of establishing a national reputation as a scholar, the Assistant Unit Leader will secure external funding and contribute significantly to the fisheries and aquatic science literature through journal articles and other peer-reviewed publications. Collaboration with faculty, staff, and graduate students in the Department of Natural Resources, other College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Cornell University departments, and with colleagues in other universities, NYS and Federal agencies and NGOs is expected as appropriate.
Please find the job application materials on USAJobs: ATL-2015-0320 – Open to All Qualified:
ATL-2015-0338 – Open to Current/Former Feds:
For questions, please contact: Angela Fuller, Unit Leader and Assistant Professor,S. Geological Survey, New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Department of Natural Resources, 211 Fernow Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-3001, (607) 255-2841

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