Ph.D. Student Research Assistantship in Fish Genetics and Ecology

Dept. Environmental Sciences and Lake Erie Center, University of Toledo Toledo, OH
Closing Date: Feb. 1, 2015 for priority consideration, late applications accepted
Web Address:

PhD research assistantship for new project on Yellow Perch population genomics/genetics, Next-generation Sequencing, environmental DNA, kin selection, and chemical cues that may regulate homing. Ph.D. in Biology-Ecology Track through The Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Toledo State of the art project in Dr. Carol Stepien’s Great Lakes Genetics/Genomics Lab, which is nationally and internationally well-known, well-published, and well-funded, with excellent placement of graduate students as federal agency researchers, postdocs, and university professors. Project work will be at the University of Toledo’s Lake Erie Center ( Apply now to begin the Fall 2015 semester. Ok to start in summer 2015 too. RAship: $23,000-$25,000 annual stipend, tuition, general fees, and student medical insurance paid.


Excellent, hard-working Ph.D. graduate student to begin fall or summer 2015 (get your application in now) for dissertation research on yellow perch population genetics and genomics, next-generation DNAsequencing, environmental DNA, and kin selection and chemical cues that may regulate homing. Accomplished in writing, PCR, statistics, and field and laboratory skills. Preference to MS degree in hand and publication(s) in molecular ecology, fisheries, population genetics, or a related field. Required: GPA 3.0+, GRE (verbal+quantitative) of 1100 (303 on the new GRE grading scale) and 4.5 analytical writing, respectively. Foreign students: minimum TOEFL of 250 (computer-based, or 600 paper-based) and 450 (150 on the new GRE grading scale) on the verbal GRE are required.

How to Apply
Send CV, cover letter, unofficial transcripts, GRE scores, TOEFL if foreign applicant to Dr. Carol Stepien via Must meet minimum scores above. Apply to PhD in Biology-Ecology track in Dept. Environmental Sciences: The University of Toledo is an Equal Access, Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer and Educator and is committed to increasing the diversity of our campus.

Dr. Carol Stepien, University of Toledo, Lake Erie Center and Dept. Environmental Sciences, 6200 Bayshore Rd.Toledo OH 43616,

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