Researcher in Ecology for management of coastal ecosystems in Uppsala, Sweden

We are seeking a dedicated and curious researcher to join our work on developing knowledge for sustainable use of Baltic Sea coastal ecosystems at the Department of Aquatic resources at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. You will take the lead for developing innovative research on responses of living aquatic resources to human impacts in coastal ecosystems in the Baltic Sea and/or Kattegat, at the department’s Institute of Coastal Research (ICR).

The Department of Aquatic resources serves as a well-known, useful and appreciated knowledge base on aquatic resources and -ecosystems for the scientific community, managers, other stakeholders and the public. We conduct research, environmental monitoring and assessment in limnic and marine ecology focusing on fish and shellfish. We develop knowledge, education and biological advice to promote the sustainable use of these resources. The department with three main research institutes located outside Gothenburg, Uppsala and Stockholm (at Lysekil, Öregrund and Drottningholm, respectively), and five field stations, has ca 150 employees. Our interface of science and management advice, from local to international scale, provides a vibrant environment for research with a high societal relevance. Visit us at Welcome!

Duties: You will lead and undertake independent research on biological responses in coastal ecosystems coupled to anthropogenic impacts or management of human activities. This includes making use of the extensive long-term monitoring data on fish populations and communities collected by ICR since more than four decades. You will collaborate with other researchers and environmental analysts at the ICR to develop and provide biological advice regarding Baltic Sea coastal ecosystems as well as to advance environmental assessments at ICR. Immediate tasks involve developing knowledge and biological advice in commissioned projects. You are expected to contribute to building a strong research environment and group, by attracting external research funds and supervising PhD-students and postdocs. You are expected to actively communicate via scientific and popular science publishing, as well as other forms of outreach. You hold a docentship (approx. Associate Professor) or are expected to qualify for it within a few years from the beginning of the employment.

Qualifications: Expertise in marine or aquatic ecology, community ecology or fish biology, and documented skills in and experience of quantitative analyses of biological responses in ecosystems coupled to anthropogenic impacts or management of human activities are required. You have demonstrated independent scientific work and experience of working in scientific teams. Scientific leadership experience is considered a merit. You are fluent in spoken and written English, a good collaborator and have good communication skills. Expertise in management advice, European fisheries or marine environmental management, or understanding of Baltic Sea ecology is advantageous. Experience of supervising PhD-students is considered meriting.


Deadline for application: 31st January 2015

More information:


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