Post-doctoral researcher in Bayesian modelling of drivers for coastal fish community structure in Uppsala, Sweden

Institute of Coastal Research
We are seeking a post-doctoral researcher for a period of 12 months to take part in a recently started research project assessing the drivers for coastal fish community development and structure, at the Institute of Coastal Research (ICR). The Institute is a part of the Department of Aquatic Resources at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. You will be part of the project ‘Status assessment of the MSFD in the Baltic Sea – the coastal fish example’. You will work together with researchers at the Institute of Coastal Research and the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) whose areas of expertise are in status assessment and indicator development of coastal fish in the Baltic Sea, integrated ecosystem assessment, and the response of coastal fish communities and ecosystems to climate change, exploitation and other human pressures.

The Department of Aquatic resources serves as a well-known, useful and appreciated knowledge base on aquatic resources and -ecosystems for the scientific community, managers, other stakeholders and the public. We conduct research, environmental monitoring and assessment in limnic and marine ecology focusing on fish and shellfish. We develop knowledge, education and biological advice to promote the sustainable use of these resources. The department with three main research institutes located outside Gothenburg, Uppsala and Stockholm (at Lysekil, Öregrund and Drottningholm, respectively), and five field stations, has ca 150 employees. Our interface of science and management advice, from local to international scale, provides a vibrant environment for research with a high societal relevance. Visit us at Welcome!

Duties: Your work will be focused on applying Bayesian network modelling to assess the importance of different pressure variables for coastal fish community development, structure and status. More specifically, you will develop and run a model on the interactions between proposed coastal fish indicators suggested within the MSFD (Marine Strategy Framework Directive) and pressure variables representing fishing pressure, climate, eutrophication, competition, habitat quality and predation pressure. Coastal fish communities in the Baltic Sea are impacted by a wide range of pressure variables for which data range from fully quantitative to qualitative, hence calling for alternative statistical approaches to assess relationships. The outlined work will be highly relevant for our understanding of the processes governing and structuring coastal fish communities, and for the design of the program of measures within the MSFD. You are expected to present the results of the work as scientific papers, one or more popular science papers and conference presentations.

Qualifications: You are a highly motivated independent scientist, fluent in spoken and written English, and have documented good communication skills. Expertise in, and documented experience of, Bayesian network modelling is requested, and experience in fisheries biology, community ecology and statistical modelling is advantageous. Expertise in fish ecology and the Baltic Sea ecosystem are considered as merits, as is documented experience in research related to management issues.


Deadline for application: 31st January 2015

more information:

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