Senior Research Scientist in Marine Fish Habitats

DTU Aqua, the Danish National Institute of Aquatic Resources invites applications for a position as senior research scientist with emphasis on research and advice in marine fish habitats, ecology and integrated management.

The Section for Ecosystem based Marine Management in Copenhagen has 35 employees and focuses on interdisciplinary research improving our understanding of marine ecosystems and how they are managed and offers an internationally recognised and highly dynamic scientific environment. The senior researcher will enter the research group Marine Habitats with a special focus on fish habitats and their management.

Responsibilities and tasks 
The successful applicant will contribute to strengthening the knowledge of the coupling between fish habitats, fish ecology and systems management and the research needed for advice in relation to the national marine coastal fish management programme, and to EU directives such as Water Framework Directive, NATURA2000 and Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

The research tasks will focus on habitats for marine fish, factors and processes important for juvenile fish in coastal areas and the impact of human activities on coastal fish habitats and populations. More specifically, the first tasks will be to participate in national and international projects aimed at 1) exploring causes for declines in juvenile and adult fish in coastal areas, 2) developing tools for quantitative mapping of fish habitats including valuation of different fish habitats in inner Danish waters and 3) further developing Systems Approach for integrated management of coastal systems.

The successful applicant will engage in our existing extensive international collaboration with other research institutions as well as fishermen’s organisations. Important tasks include the development of new research and management projects, including project applications. The position includes work on research surveys with the Institute’s research vessels, fishing boats and field work. It also includes responsibility for disseminating research results in both popular journals and international scientific journals. Teaching at DTU courses is a possibility but not a requirement.

Please submit your online application no later than 5 December 2014.

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