PhD: Implications of ocean acidification on the UK’s commercial shellfish fisheries

PhD at the University of Plymouth, UK,. starting 15th January 2015: Implications of ocean acidification on the UK’s commercial shellfish fisheries: a comparison of native and non-native species.

Project Description

The implications of ocean acidification on the success of shellfish are well documented as placing the future of the UK’s commercial shellfish fisheries under threat. This project will take an interdisciplinary approach in considering the future sustainability of commercial shellfish fisheries and involve a combination of lab and field-based experiments and you will be expected to engage and work closely with industry. The project focus includes: (1) the environmental factors that affect shellfish success across multiple life-history stages and consideration of how future climate scenarios might affect the performance of native and non-native species, and (2) how changes in ecological success will affect the availability of ecosystem services and benefits associated with this industry. The candidate will join two of the UK’s leading marine research groups, namely the Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre ( and Centre for Marine and Coastal Policy Research ( research/marcopol).

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should have a first or upper second class Honours degree in Marine Biology or similar and preferably hold a relevant MSc or MRes qualification. The successful candidate will be a numerate marine biologist with knowledge and preferably experience of ecosystem service assessment (including social and economic research methods). The successful candidate will have field survey experience and experience of larval culture techniques would be advantageous but not essential. Diving (e.g. HSE Part 4 or equivalent) and boat handling qualifications would be advantageous.

Fees and Financial Support

The studentship is supported for 3 years and includes full Home/EU tuition fees plus a stipend of £13,863 per annum. The studentship will only fully fund those applicants who are eligible for Home/EU fees with relevant qualifications. Applicants normally required to cover overseas fees will have to cover the difference between the Home/EU and the overseas tuition fee rates (approximately £9,950 per annum).

The closing date for applications is 12 noon on 3rd November 2014.

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