YOUMARES conference 2014- Deadline Approaching!

YOUMARES 5 is the 5th convention for young marine scientists and engineers, to be held in Stralsund, Germany,September 10-12th 2014.

The application deadline is extended to the 15 th of July

This year we are going to have a diverse selection of 10 sessions. Apply Now!

  1. Small-Scale Fisheries Research – towards sustainable fisheries using a multi-entry perspective
  2. Individual Engagement in Environmental Change
  3. Aquaculture in a changing ocean
  4. Coral Reef ecology, management and conservation in a rapidly changing ocean environment
  5. Tools and Methods supporting an Ecosystem Based Approach to Marine Spatial Management
  6. Measurement and Control Engineering – the Clockwork in Marine Science
  7. Aquatic Plastic Pollution – tackling environmental impacts with new solutions
  8. Mangrove Forests – an endangered ecological and economic transition zone between ocean and land
  9. Effects of Global Climate Change on Emerging Infectious Diseases of Marine Fish
  10. Cold Water Research – From high latitude coasts to deep sea trenches

Find the session abstracts on our website. We are happy to welcome many participants to these topics!

More information at the YOUMARES site

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