Fisheries acoustician

IMARES, Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies, in Wageningen, Netherlands, is looking for a fisheries acoustics scientist who actively contributes to sustainable fisheries that operates on an economically viable basis and in balance with the marine ecosystem.

IMARES carries out applied research into this societal issue and in doing so, works closely with the fishing industry, policy makers and other stakeholders. Fisheries acoustics plays a key role in this process by providing monitoring observations of the marine ecosystem components, from fish and plankton resources to seabed habitat types. This information provides the scientific basis in the process to provide advice for sustainable use of marine services. How can we manage fisheries so that the maximum sustainable yield will be achieved? How can we use acoustic data collected by fishermen to improve fish stock assessments and management? Can acoustic techniques contribute to the reduction of unwanted by-catch of marine organisms? Can we improve knowledge on marine habitats by using acoustic data? We are looking for a fisheries acoustics researcher who wants to take up these challenges.

In your work, you will plan, lead and analyse fisheries acoustic surveys carried out by IMARES and other European fisheries institutes. You will carry out research related to fisheries acoustics, be expected to integrate the acoustic survey programme with the assessment of the appropriate pelagic species and attend ICES expert groups that are related to both fisheries acoustics research and ecosystem monitoring. You will not only use your own research data, but also analyse the large datasets maintained at IMARES and also  be expected to prepare written reports, contribute to peer reviewed publications and present results of research to the science community, customers and fishery stakeholders.

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