Postdoctoral fellow in marine ecosystem dynamics

The Department of Biology of the University of Bergen has a vacancy for a postdoctoral fellow in marine ecosystem dynamics in the Theoretical Ecology research group.

The position is affiliated with the Hjort Centre for marine ecosystem dynamics, which is a collaboration between the Institute of Marine Research, the University of Bergen, Uni Research, and the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center in Bergen. The Hjort Centre will conduct cross-disciplinary research of natural and human-induced changes in the ocean with the aim of increasing the sustainable harvest of marine living resources.

The postdoctoral position is a fixed-term post, the chief objective being to qualify the selected candidate for work in senior positions in their disciplines. The term of employment for this position is 4 years. 25 pct. of the position will be designated to teaching and supervision. It is not possible for any person to work under more than one temporary appointment as postdoctoral fellow for the same institution.

The position is placed in the Theoretical Ecology group. The overarching aim of this research group is to understand how processes at the level of individuals drive dynamics of populations and communities. We focus on individual trade-offs and use trait-based models to explain ecological and evolutionary patterns. Numerical simulation is an important approach and method.

We seek an active researcher in ecological and/or evolutionary modelling. Thematically, the position is allocated to the core research areas in the Hjort Centre – e.g. marine ecosystems, recruitment processes, effects of harvesting, population dynamics, behaviour and life histories in fish and plankton.

Applicants must have achieved a Norwegian doctorate in a relevant field, for example ecology, fisheries ecology, oceanography or numerical modelling, or have presented the dissertation for assessment by the closing date for applications. It is a prerequisite that the dissertation has been approved before appointment is granted.

We are seeking a highly-motivated candidate with ambitions as researcher and good communication skills. Further criteria in the evaluation process will include the applicant’s ability to work both independently and in an international and interdisciplinary consortium. Publications and other scientific activity will be considered, but here the time available for the applicant after finishing the higher degree will be taken into account.

Closing date for applications: 1 June 2014

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