Postdoc: Identifying mechanisms behind (un)sustainable growth in nordic fisheries

Postdoctoral research position at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden.
The position is a 24-month postdoctoral researcher position, starting in April or May 2014, within the research project Green Growth Based on Marine Resources: Ecological and Socio-Economic Constraints (GreenMAR). GreenMAR is a NordForsk sponsored research project about the fundamental challenge of green growth and how to use our renewable natural resources more efficiently while ensuring that ecosystems retain their  functionality. The researcher is expected to collaborate with researchers from the GreenMAR network, and to spend considerable time at one or several institutes involved in GreenMAR (for more information

This postdoctoral research project aims to identify the key social mechanisms that lead to unsustainable use of fisheries in Nordic seas. The postdoctoral researcher will address how social institutions, organizations and conventions mediate the evolution of fisheries by using a combination of: a) sociological theory, to account for the social context in which fishing is embedded; b) process tracing to identify causal mechanism in single case studies; c) qualitative comparative analysis to systematically match and contrast cases to uncover general, cross-case patterns; and d) estimate the ecosystem fish production and the effects of different growth trajectories for the Nordic region, looking to the past and future of Nordic fisheries.

The application should include:
– A letter of intent /research proposal (1-2 pages) expressing why you are interested in the project, why you want to carry out doctoral studies, what you hope to achieve through your graduate studies, as well as what skills you may contribute to the project
– Curriculum vitae
– Certified copies of diplomas and certificates of special competence
– A copy of undergraduate theses and publications
– Names and telephone numbers of 2-3 references

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria
– Subject knowledge relevant to the research task. Practical experience and knowledge relevant to the research task. Knowledge of scientific theory and methodology.
– Advanced knowledge of social science theories and methods.
– Analytical ability as demonstrated by scientific publications.
– The applicants’ personal references.
– Willingness and ability to work as part of an international transdisciplinary team, which includes visits to Nordic research centres.

In addition, a background in sociology, anthropology, cultural geography, development studies, with research experience in primary resource use (fisheries, farming, forestry) is preferable, as well as knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods.

Applcation deadline: 23th May 2014

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