Physical Oceanographer

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS), part of the Natural Environment Research Council, aims to undertake a world-class programme of scientific research, and to sustain for the UK an active and influential regional presence and a leadership role in Antarctic affairs.

We are looking to appoint a Physical Oceanographer to a senior post within the Open Oceans group at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), based in Cambridge, UK. We are open to applications from individuals with a background in observational, numerical and/or theoretical aspects of physical oceanography.

The focus of the Open Oceans group is on improving the understanding of the circulation, mixing, dynamics and Earth System feedbacks in the polar oceans, using a combination of theoretical, observational and numerical analysis techniques, and assessing the implications for the global climate. The group interacts closely with the Shelf Seas group at BAS, which is focused on investigating ice and continental shelf processes, and well as with other groups in BAS focused on study of the atmosphere, cryosphere and ecosystems.

Ongoing research interests of the Open Oceans group include:
investigating mixing processes in the Southern Ocean and the Arctic Ocean at the mesoscale and submesoscale and dynamical interactions influencing the oceanic overturning circulation; assessing the representation of the coupled Southern Hemisphere system and of key Arctic teleconnections in climate models; monitoring and understanding the production and export of bottom water from the Antarctic continent into the Atlantic Ocean; monitoring the meridional overturning circulation in the South Atlantic; mapping the pathways of carbon uptake by the Southern Ocean; and understanding the physical controls on the interdisciplinary marine environment in the Scotia Sea and at the Antarctic peninsula.The tools used to conduct this research include autonomous ocean gliders, research ships, mooring arrays, dynamical analyses and advanced numerical modelling.

The postholder would be expected to lead a significant element of the Open Oceans workpackage, supervising some more junior staff, and to instigate new avenues of research. There would be opportunities to participate in fieldwork in both polar regions. The post would suit someone with postdoctoral experience looking to assume greater responsibilities.

Qualifications: Good first degree in physical science/mathematics plus PhD or equivalent postgraduate experience in same

Duration: Open-ended

Closing date for receipt of application forms is: 31st May 2014

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