Postdoc position in community dynamics in Öregrund, Sweden

Post-doctoral researcher: Quantitative analyses of Climate Change impacts on Community Dynamics

Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU) is seeking a 24 months post-doctoral researcher to join our research team on  quantitative food-web ecology at the Institute of Coastal Research, Öregrund.

You will work in our project ‘Detecting and understanding climate change impacts on natural food-webs from monitoring data: a novel time series analysis method’. You will be part of our team working on dynamics of fish communities and marine food-webs, and their ecological and evolutionary responses to climate change, exploitation and other human pressures. You will collaborate with other postdoctoral, junior and senior researchers in the group and within our international research network.

Duties: contribute to developing a novel multi and univariate time series analysis method to disentangle direct and indirect effects of climate changes in animal communities. Advance understanding of how climate change impacts natural food-webs by developing and analyzing dynamic community models of core food-web compartments, representing key species interactions in Baltic Sea food-webs. Apply multi- and uni-variate autoregressive statistical models to monitoring data on Baltic Sea fish communities to resolve spatial and temporal variation in direct and indirect responses of species to climate change. You are expected to present the results as scientific papers, one or more popular science papers and conference presentations.

Qualifications: Expertise in, and documented experience of, time series

Qualifications: Expertise in, and documented experience of, time series analyses or quantitative analyses of population dynamics is required. You are a highly motivated independent scientist, fluent in spoken and written English, a good collaborator and have good communication skills. A PhD in quantitative ecology, applied mathematics, statistical modelling, or related discipline is required. Expertise in community ecology, dynamic population modelling, fish ecology, or understanding of Baltic Sea ecology is advantageous. Skills in R or Matlab-programming are considered merits.


Application: We welcome your application marked with Ref no. SLU ua 1157/2014

Please submit your application to the Registrar of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, SE-75007 Uppsala, Sweden or

Specific documents attached: (1) motivation letter describing how you fit the description  and how the project and focus of our research team fits you (max 1 page), (2) CV documenting your academic career and education, (3) copies of doctoral degree diploma and masters educational certificates, with transcript of records, (4) list of publications and unpublished works, (5) scientific merits, with special account of merits in statistical modelling and/or quantitative ecology, and (6) contact details of two references (name, relation to candidate, e-mail and telephone number).

 Deadline for application: 23rd April 2014

further information:



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