PhD position in Stockholm: Identifying craftsmanship and local ecological knowledge in Nordic fisheries

Soon Nordic coastal fishing will be a memory. During the last century the total number of fishers in nordic countries diminished dramatically. This decline has been particularly pronouced among coastal fishers. The loss of cultural capital that Nordic coastal fishers represent, i.e. ‘their working knowledge’ and skills, implies a tremendous setback for sustainable management of coastal sea- and landscapes.

Project description
The decline of marine biomass and biodiversity due to overfishing, together with expected rises in oil prices, will require development trajectories that keep fisheries within local ecological boundaries. The cultural capital that Nordic coastal fishers embody and that is rooted in specific localities can serve as a foundation for new sustainable development trajectories. However, it is only when cultural capital becomes visible that it can be used for this purpose. The objective of this PhD project is therefore to systematically study the working knowledge of coastal fishery, and to make this knowledge visible as cultural capital that can contribute to the sustainable management of Nordic coastal sea- and landscapes. The research will first identify through ethnographic and visual methods the types of local ecological knowledge and craftsmanship that Nordic coastal fishers embody. Next to that, it will investigate how different forms of fishers’ cultural capital can be successfully communicated within mainstream fisheries science and management.

The PhD position
The PhD position forms part of the research project Green Growth Based on Marine Resources: Ecological and Socio-Economic Constraints (GreenMAR). GreenMAR is a NordForsk sponsored research project about the fundamental challenge of green growth and how to use our renewable natural resources more efficiently while ensuring that ecosystems retain their functionality. The PhD is expected to collaborate with researchers from the GreenMAR network, and to spend considerable time at one or several institutes connected involved in GreenMAR. The PhD will be part of the Stockholm Resilience Centre’s Resilience Research School, as well as a member of the interdisciplinary teams of GreenMAR and Boonstra’s Formas Young Researcher Grant. He/she will be supervised by Dr. Wijnand Boonstra and Prof. Carl Folke (Stockholm Resilience Centre).

more information here:

Deadline for application: 2nd May 2014

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