Ascension Island Government: Four Marine/Fisheries Posts

Ascension Island harbours globally important marine biodiversity, potentially representing a unique assemblage of western and eastern Atlantic flora and fauna. The Island also supports a commercially valuable pelagic tuna fishery, and an inshore recreational fishery. Currently, however, a paucity of baseline scientific data from the marine environment and a lack of capacity in marine and fisheries science within Ascension Island Government (AIG) are major barriers to the effective management and conservation of the Island’s marine resources. Addressing these issues has been identified as a strategic priority for AIG and is the objective of the new ‘Ascension Island Marine Sustainability (AIMS)’ project funded by the Darwin Initiative. The AIMS project will be delivered through a partnership between AIG and fisheries scientists at the Falklands-based South Atlantic Environment Research Institute (SAERI), with support from the RSPB (Royal for the Protection of Birds), BAS (British Antarctic Survey) and the Shallow Marine Surveys Group (SMSG).

The Ascension Island Government Conservation Department is currently seeking applications for the positions of

  • Senior Marine/Fisheries Scientist from experienced post-doctoral researchers with a demonstrably strong track record of marine fieldwork, data collection and analysis
  • Marine/Fisheries Scientist (Biology) from graduate marine scientists with a strong track record of marine fieldwork, specimen preparation and data collection
  • Marine/Fisheries Scientist (Technician) from experienced divers with a background in marine biology and/or fisheries management.

The deadline for applications is: Friday 28th February 2014 at 5pm.

And the Government of Ascension Island is seeking a suitably qualified Director of Fisheries to establish and run a new Fisheries Management Programme in Ascension’s EEZ. The deadline for applications is: Friday 21st February 2014.

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