Summer School ClimECO4: Delineating the Issues of Climate Change and Impacts to Marine Ecosystems

The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) organizes the Summer School ClimECO4 “Delineating the Issues of Climate Change and Impacts to Marine Ecosystems: Bridging the Gap Between Research, Assessment, Policy and Management”.

The ClimEco4 programme will focus on linking indices of climate change, climate impact, and ecosystem services, to socio-economic indices and policy information. Information will include how indices are constructed, used, and combined to inform policy and decision-making in the context of climate-ecosystem interactions. There will be ‘hands-on’ practical sessions to apply the concepts covered in lectures, using databases, indices and models. During group work, participants will select and develop indicators, evaluate trade-offs and analyse their application and use for the ecosystem.

ClimEco4 is an interdisciplinary summer school for students and early-career researchers (less than 10 years since PhD) working on topics related to the oceans and climate change. We welcome applicants from the natural and social sciences who are interested in addressing the complex issues facing marine ecosystems and the human societies that depend on them.

Application deadline: 15 March 2014

When and where? 04 – 09 August 2014 at East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

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