PICES International Summer School on Ecological Modeling

PICES (North Pacific Marine Science Organization) organizes an International Summer School on Ecological Modeling for Marine Resources Management and Research.


Ecological models have applications in a wide variety of disciplines, such as natural resource management, wildlife conservation and agriculture. These models are formed by combing known complicated ecological relations with field observation data, and are being used in order to make an understanding about the process in systems and predictions about the dynamics of the real ecosystem. The purpose of this Summer School is to review and present methods of modeling in ecological relations, and to show how these models  (methods) can be applied to understand and predict change in ecosystem.

Minimum Educational Requirement(students):

Post-graduate education with a good understanding of oceanographic processes and marine ecosystem variability, quantitative ecology. Some abilities with computer programming will be useful.

Application deadline: 01 May 2014

When and where? 26 – 29 August 2014 at Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Please see also: http://www.oceansummerschools.org/course_view.php?id=83

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