Science@Sea: Multidisciplinary Courses in Marine Science Offshore Operations

Science@Sea multidisciplinary courses in marine science offshore operations will take place from Friday 4th to Wednesday 9th of April 2014 in waters off Cork. The intensive two-day courses  onboard the RV Celtic Voyager are aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students of marine-related sciences, technology and engineering, as well as researchers, technical staff and industry professionals.

The 2014 course dates are as follows:

  • Undergraduate Science@Sea: 4th-5th April (Friday & Saturday)
  • Postgraduate and CPD Science@Sea 1: 6th-7th ofApril (Sunday & Monday)
  • Postgraduate and CPD  Science@Sea 2: 8th-9th of April (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Participants have the opportunity to gain practical experience in offshore research methods with an emphasis  on a multidisciplinary ecosystem approach to studying the marine environment.  Training focuses on the core marine science disciplines of oceanography, benthic ecology, fisheries biology and marine geosciences.

Special emphasis is placed  on the cross‐disciplinary skills involved in sample collection and processing, deployment and operation of equipment and instrumentation, and data acquisition and interpretation.  Other elements essential in carrying out research surveys at sea are also addressed including safety at sea, research vessel activities and capabilities, survey design and planning and post‐survey data analysis.

Learning uptake on Science@Sea is greatly enhanced by participants meeting and networking with peers and professionals from a wide range of disciplines and research institutes, creating synergies and facilitating future collaborative partnerships.

For full time students and unwaged with a marine science education or background a fee of  €50 applies.  Course fees for professionals are €300.  Applications can be submitted online at Postgraduate Application and Undergraduate Application.  Participants are liable for their own accommodation costs for the duration of courses at recommended locations within close proximity to the vessel.
The closing date for applications is Tuesday the 11th of March.  Queries relating to the courses can be addressed to

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