PhD position in Marine Biogeochemistry/Chemical Oceanography

A PhD Position is available at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany, within the German Research Foundation (DFG) collaborative research centre (SFB) 754: Climate-Biogeochemical Interactions in the Tropical Ocean.

Topic of PhD: Iron stabilisation and transfer in tropical oxygen minimum zones

he candidate will be part of a team that investigates the transfer of iron from the sediments to the surface ocean and the subsequent stimulation of ocean productivity and dinitrogen fixation. We are interested in the mechanisms that stabilise Fe in the water column, including Fe ligand and Fe nanoparticle formation. It is expected that the candidate will participate in sea-going expeditions where she/he will be part of a team studying water column trace element distributions, sediment iron release, and ocean mixing processes. Trace element samples from the expeditions will be analyzed In the laboratory in Kiel and the results interpreted in the context of the other oceanographic observations. The candidate is expected to critically examine data from the expeditions and evaluate these in order to quantify the horizontal and vertical transfer of iron, and its stabilisation, in the oxygen minimum zone of the northeastern tropical Atlantic and the Peru region. A comparison between the trace element observations and modeled distributions will be undertaken.

A qualification comparable to a Master’s degree or Diploma in chemistry, environmental chemistry, (chemical) oceanography or related field is required. Experience in analytical chemistry and / or marine biogeochemistry is desirable. We also expect good English language skills, and that the candidate is willing and able to participate in sea-going expeditions of several weeks duration. The candidate is expected to enroll in the Integrated School of Ocean Science (ISOS) PhD program,

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