Full Professor in Marine Animal Ecology

The Wageningen University Animal Sciences Group. Wageningen University, the Netherlands, is looking for a full professor in marine animal ecology. Key responsibility of this full professor (1.0/0.8 fte) is to create and lead the new research group Marine Animal Ecology. The research will focus on marine animals and the communities of which they are part, their physiology and their relationship with their environment. The research group will generate insight in the spatial and temporal functioning of populations and communities as driven by natural and man-induced processes.

Hypotheses regarding processes in marine communities are formulated based on analysing traits of organisms. Because of the complex nature of marine ecosystems and the functioning of their communities, models can be used to analyse patterns and to link findings from field surveys, laboratory and mesocosm studies.

The research group will be positioned in the centre of the specialization ‘Marine resources and ecology’ of the MSc programme Aquaculture and marine resource management. In addition, the new group should contribute to the BSc, MSc and PhD education in the ecophysiological functioning of marine animals in relation to their dynamic abiotic and biotic environment.

The professor will initiate and develop innovative, relevant and high-profile research and education in marine animal ecology. S/he has excellent skills to work collaboratively and act persuasively. S/he will lead the research group, acquire funding and supervise BSc, MSc and PhD students.

Candidates have a strong international scientific position in the area of marine animal ecology and proven experience with system based approaches. S/he is an excellent teacher and scientist. S/he has a publication record of international standing, commensurate with her/his career stage. Applicants are expected to demonstrate a passion for teaching at all academic levels. Experience in the attraction of research funding is essential. S/he should be able to inspire and connect people based on a mutual interest in research and education of the group. The candidate is keen to develop her/his group and to interact with other groups within Wageningen UR, in particular the Wageningen University Aquaculture and Fisheries group and Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management group. The group will have a strong link with IMARES (Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies), part of Wageningen UR.

The closing date for applications is 15 December 2013. Job interviews will be in Friday 14 February, 2014. A number of candidates will be asked to give a public lecture as part of the selection process on Thursday 13 March, 2014. This lecture should show (1) the candidates’ excellence in teaching and (2) their vision on research and education, including its integration with the current group’s expertise.

Please see also: http://www.wageningenur.nl/en/Jobs/Vacancies/Show/Full-Professor-in-Marine-Animal-Ecology-FM.htm

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