PhD: Temporal and geochemical evolution of the Walvis Ridge in the South Atlantic

At the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany, the position of a PhD student is offered for the BMBF project „SO233-WALVIS II: Temporal and geochemical evolution of the Walvis Ridge in the South Atlantic“ within the research unit “Magmatic and Hydrothermal Systems”.

The aim of the project is to contribute to an improved understanding on the origin, geochemical zonation, and age progression along linear volcanic hotspot tracks on the seafloor using volcanological, geochronological, petrological, and geochemical approaches. The focus of the geological studies within the SO233-WALVIS II project are Ar/Ar-age dating and studies of major and trace elements and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotopes of volcanic rocks from the Walvis Ridge in the South Atlantic. The Walvis Ridge forms part of a classic hotspot track linking the active islands of Tristan da Cunha and Gough and the adjacent submarine Guyot Province to the Etendeka Flood basalts in Namibia, which together are believed to represent the classic example of the evolution of a mantle plume. The SO223-WALVIS II is based on bathymetric mapping of the hotspot track morphology and basement sampling, which will be conducted during R/V Sonne expedition SO233 from 14th May – 21st June 2014. This project is part of a collaboration with American colleagues who carried out detailed studies on the Guyot Province during R/V Melville cruise MV1203 in 2012.

The position is available for an initial funding period until June 30th, 2016, but could be extended based on performance and availability of funds.

Application deadline: 1st December 2013

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