Researcher in fish eco-physiology

A position as researcher in fish eco-physiology is available at the National Institute for Aquatic Resources, DTU Aqua, Denmark. The position is affiliated with the Section for Marine Ecology in Charlottenlund. About 25 employees work in the section on different aspects of marine fish biology and ecology, population dynamics and ecosystem functioning.

Responsibilities and tasks
The researcher position aims at strengthening the research field of fish eco-physiology. The successful candidate will be part of a research group focusing on a range of national and international research projects using innovative methods for obtaining information at the individual level. Research will include both experimentally and field based studies to assess how fish react on and interact with their ambient environment including climate and anthropogenic impacts. Besides adding to a basic mechanistic understanding of various vital rates such as growth and survival, this research will be used in parameterization of e.g. individual based models and trait based models for application in ecosystem and fisheries management. The candidate will also play an active role in the internal and external activities of the section, take part in teaching and get involved in supervision of BSc, MSc and PhD students as well as obtaining research grants and coordinating new projects.

Candidates should have:

  • PhD degree or equivalent and several years of postdoc experience
  • In-depth knowledge of fish physiology and behavior
  • Experience with both experimental and field studies, including use of data storage tags
  • High scientific production and publication record within the field of research
  • Proved record of obtaining funding
  • Experience with project planning and management of integrated research projects
  • FELASA at the C level

Application deadline: 10th July 2013

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