Post-doctoral Marine Ecologist

Applications are invited for a three year post-doctoral research officer post in the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University – School of Ocean Sciences, Wales, to work on a project funded by NERC and the EU on the ecosystem effects of bottom trawl fisheries. These projects will quantify and predict the direct and chronic effects of bottom trawling on the state and functioning of benthic ecosystems in collaboration with a wide range of national and international partners. The successful candidate will be expected to start 01 October 2013.

The successful candidate will quantify the effect of trawling on benthic invertebrates, and the indirect effects of the removal of these benthic invertebrates on the functioning of these ecosystems, with a particular focus on benthic biogeochemistry and food webs. Techniques that will be used include sampling using grabs, cores, trawls, and sediment profile imaging on sea-going cruises, mesocosm experiments, systematic review and biological trait analysis.

The candidate will be a numerate biologist with experience in benthic ecology, marine biogeochemistry or a related area of ecology. The candidate will be able to demonstrate the ability to work independently and to deliver a range of high quality scientific outputs to deadlines that include peer reviewed scientific papers and reports to the EU. The candidate will organize and lead cruises on our research vessel ‘RV Prince Madog’ and will ideally have experience in seagoing research. Candidates must be able to work at sea on a variety of vessels in sometime rough sea conditions. Experience in sampling and identifying benthic invertebrates is desirable. You will have advanced analytical skills and experience in data processing and analysis using R and GIS. This is an exciting opportunity to develop a portfolio of collaborative and interdisciplinary research to promote sustainable fisheries.

Closing date for applications: 01 August 2013

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