Plankton Ecologist

The Scottish Government is currently seeking applications for a Plankton Ecologist within the Marine Ecosystems branch of Marine Scotland Science (MSS) based at the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen.

The post contributes towards Scotland’s National Outcomes by improving the understanding of the dynamics of the marine plankton community in Scottish waters in order to investigate its influence on marine fisheries and identifying impacts of harmful algal blooms on the marine ecosystem. Data generated by this post will improve the advice MSS can provide on the impacts of climate change and ocean acidification on the plankton community.

Duties include the analysis of plankton samples from the Marine Scotland Science Coastal and Offshore Ecosystem Monitoring Programme; Preparation for and participation in coastal sampling trips and research cruises to collect physical, chemical and biological samples; and responding to harmful plankton events.

Qualifications & Experience Required
You must hold a minimum of an undergraduate degree in biological or environmental science. Please note that other, equivalent qualifications may also be acceptable. This post will require you to have demonstrable experience of identifying and enumerating marine plankton using light microscopy techniques; Experience of fieldwork, performing sampling activities that can be applied to an inshore coastal ecosystem monitoring trip; and experience of using databases and compiling numeric data for inclusion in reports.

Applications must be submitted by the 15th of July 2013 at Midnight.

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