Youmares: extended abstract submission until the 15th of July 2013

FINET to organize a session at the annual YOUMARES conference

YOUMARES names the international conference of young marine researchers

and engineers organized by the study group of the German Society for Marine Research (DGM). This event addresses young marine scientists from all disciplines of fundamental and applied research, industry and other relevant fields.

The 4th YOUMARES conference will take place in Oldenburg, Germany, from 11th -13th September 2013.

This year, you will find a FINET-organized session among the 14 different and very interesting session-themes of the conference:

The ecosystem approach and beyond: multidisciplinary science for sustainability in fisheries

” The concept of sustainable fishing is evolving from a biological perspective to a more comprehensive focus, encompassing the economic, social and political sphere and requiring an inter-disciplinary approach. How could the management of socio-ecological marine systems in the 21st century be improved, which new ideas have to be considered to realize a holistic and sustainable fisheries management? We invite contributions from different disciplines, as long as they clearly contribute to the progress of sustainability in fisheries. Innovative research and integrated approaches based on a variety of disciplines are especially welcome.”

Everybody working on this topic is invited to present his work within this session.

Please consider applying with an abstract.

You’ll find more information about the conference and how to participate, under following link:

PLACE: Oldenburg, Germany.

DATE:  11th -13th September 2013.

ABSTRACT Submission deadline: July 15th 2013

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